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Metal Gears High School ...Think Glee In Hell
lml_mods wrote in anime_rpg_ads

In some warped sense of humor, the Patriots have unleashed their ultimate weapon for revenge against all those against them ( or just about anyone who didn't see things their way )

A Time Paradox would be a picnic compared to this!!
The Boss as the devastating and dangerous Gym coach? ...Liquid as the rabblerouser trying to bring down the school ...or Sniper Wolf, Eva and Meryl as the clique girls? Ivan and young Ocelot as the troublemakers that try to blow up the cafeteria at lunchtime?

Big Boss as the brawny football coach all the girls ( and lots of the boys ) wanna do....

The possibilities are endless...and on top of that, it's a real school too.  No going home here, think Hogwart's, you gotta stay, you have boy's dorms and girl's dorms.

It all starts freshman year, of course, and it's the first day of class. Who's going to be set as Teachers, and who's set as Students, and wait till they see Zero is Principal!

It all goes back to Zero.

And that's a young, handsome Major Zero, btw.



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