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Advertisements for Anime RPGs

All about anime rpgs

Anime RPG Advertisements
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Anime, manga, and video game RPG advertisements
Welcome to anime_rpg_ads! This is a community for advertisements of LiveJournal RPGs relating to anime. Feel free to promote any RPG based off any anime, manga, or video game. You do have to join in order to post (this is to decrease the chances of people promoting non-anime related RPGs). Membership is open, so you will have access to posting immediately. Please do not post the advertisements a thousand times in one day.

Want to ensure that you are promoting to the max? Here are some tips that may help you out:

1. Provide all necessary information:

•Community name of your RPG and a link
•Who to contact in order to join
•Info about the RPing style (1st person vs. 3rd person, AIM vs. posts)
•A brief summary about the content of the RPG (What anime is it from? What’s the plot?)
•Character’s available if available (if list is huge, please use lj-cut)

2. Spell check! Advertisements with poor grammar and spelling are not appealing.

3. Emailing me your community name and what anime series it is from may earn your RPG spot under Spotlight. (IcicleSassy@aol.com)

4. Use pictures to attract attention. Please make sure you are considerate to dial-up users.

5. Use tags! Especially for whatever series the RPG involves!


Kyo Kara Maoh!

Multi Anime




gnrpg_promo Novel RPG Ads



Welcome to Gakuin High, one of the many high schools located in Tokyo, Japan.
Out of the many, Gakuin High is not the best. In fact, the delinquents appear
to hold the reins with the school faculty and student council trying desperately
to maintain control. Despite lacking wealth, Gakuin high is rich with high school
drama from love quarrels to the test of true friendship to unwanted parental controls.
offer of sex, drugs, and gangs and you have a dangerous mix for adventure. Every
Add in all the peer pressure high school has to student is unique. Every student
is here for a reason.

Introducing an RPG set in modern day Tokyo, Japan, that focuses on the lives of
unlikely high school students. You create the face, the personality, and the
history. Create the average student whose just trying to survive high school or
maybe you are more interested in creating a character with a dark past and
unseen future. Base your character off your own original ideas or base it off
one of the numerous characters in any anime, manga, or video game. Can your
character survive?


Gakuin High is played in 3rd person, past tense. Role-playing is done
on the character’s journal created by the typist specifically for their
character. Typists are expected to actively leave comments in other characters’
journals whenever the opportunity arises. Typists are also expected to update
their journal every two weeks, while actively leaving comments all the while.
Leniency is given to those who earn it. The Mods are highly experienced, and we
are looking for mature, dedicated players who will maintain an active role in
the RPG. This RPG has been around since 2005 and is not going anywhere any time

Important Links

RPG Website

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If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to the Mod via email.
Active Since 2005